A Space for Well-being, A Space for Art, A Space for Change

The Covid-19 crisis has been devastating. Too many lives lost. Too many people suffering from anxiety, depression and loneliness due to the isolation of lock-down. But amidst the darkest clouds there is always a solver lining and this terrible crisis is no different. The silver lining for Doncaster has been the re-emergence of community self-helpContinue reading “A Space for Well-being, A Space for Art, A Space for Change”


A huge thank you to everyone who bought BUF Boxes this week. This is just some of the produce we have donated to Manna‘s initiative which delivers fresh, healthy meals to vulnerable people in isolation during the Covid-19 crisis…

This essay originally appeared in the May 2018 edition of Doncopolitan magazine… Warren Draper talks about the region of Doncaster and how we have been affected by the daily foods we consume and what the impacts are. Words: Warren Draper Photography: Warren Draper As a region, Doncaster currently has the second highest proportion of overweightContinue reading

Grow Fresh, Grow Healthy, Grow Wild!

BENTLEY URBAN FARM (BUF) is the world’s first upcycled market garden. Back in September 2016, the PermaFuture co-operative took over the run-down  Horticultural Training Centre behind St Peter’s Church on Bentley High Street. With help from amazing groups like The Ridge Employability College, the Primary Learning Centre, Bentley Park and our incredible volunteers, we use a range of reclaimed materials (stuff other people would simply consider ‘waste’) toContinue reading “Grow Fresh, Grow Healthy, Grow Wild!”