We Are Bentley Urban Farm

We are an ‘upcycled market garden’ based in Bentley, a former mining town just north of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We use reclaimed materials and donated resources to teach people how to grow their own food and live in an ecologically friendly way. We supply fresh, organic produce to vulnerable people, Most importantly, we provide a calm and welcoming space which reconnects people with nature and shows that we can live fun, planet-friendly lives just by making some small and simple changes to our everyday lives.

Think Food, Think Planet

Think Future, Think Fun!

FOOD: we started as an anti-food poverty campaign, teaching people how to grow their own food and supplying fresh produce to the vulnerable. We quickly found that the problem is as much about our relationships with food as it is about access. So we started to create more community focused events to get people eating together. Come and learn how to grow, cook, share and party. Or just enjoy the space in your lunch break and add a few of our delicious tomatoes to your lunchtime snack.

PLANET: we have to look after our planet… where else are we going to live? We haven’t been treating our home very well lately and we’re beginning to see problems of our own making. But its not too late to change. We don’t need any more ‘stuff’, we just need to make better use of the stuff we already have… especially the stuff we call ‘waste’. Inspired by The Wombles, we take things like old filing cabinets, pallets and bike wheels and turn them into something useful, beautiful and magical. And you can too.. come and have a go if you think you’re Womble enough.

FUTURE: life has been hard for all of us lately, and with what we know about climate change it could be a rough ride in the near future too. We have built Bentley Urban Farm as a space which has an instantly calming effect on people, while having positive effects on nature. There is no greater compliment that when a child who has been through troubling times looks at us and says “I could live here.” But ‘here’ really could be everywhere, in every community… if you want it? It is simple stuff. If you’d like to build it in your own community then please get in touch.


Bentley Urban Farm started of with a focus on food, but we extended our upcycling philosophy to arts, crafts, music, inventing, making, building, creating & playing, and now the thing which most people take away with them now is a feeling of fun. In truth a lot of problems stem from disconnection. Whether its a disconnection from our fellow humans, from nature or from our innate creative urges, Bentley Urban Farm is a place where your can rec.

“Lose yourself”

It is a place where the little ones can lose themselves in their own imaginations and the adults can have a relaxing time surrounded by nature.

Tara, Workers Educational Association

“Never a dull moment”

I never need to worry about coming up with ideas to keep the kids busy, its the kind of place where the kids themselves come up with the ideas and Bentley Urban Farm gives them the space, resources and knowledge to make it happen.

Sacha, Journey Education Group

“Never stop learning”

I came down because I was interested in permaculture. I learned much more – about food, ecology, art, music and happiness – than I ever expected and I have made lifetime friends.

Emma, long-term volunteer

Visit us on our open days:

Tuesday & Friday 10am until 4pm

Saturday 12pm until 4pm

Contact us for further details.

Bentley Urban Farm, High Street, Bentley, Doncaster DN5 0AA