A Space for Change

Simple solutions to the stresses of our complicated modern lives.

A Space for Reconnections…

Reconnect with Nature

Life is abundant. At Bentley Urban Farm (BUF) we use reclaimed materials grow fresh, healthy food for ourselves, and food, shelter and habitats for wildlife. We live by the permaculture principles of Earth Care, People Care and Future Care.

Reconnect with Creativity

We humans are innately creative. At BUF you can engage with art and music no matter how talented (or untalented) you may think you are. From jamming sessions to painting murals, BUF is a place to fulfill your creative urges.

Reconnect with Each Other

In these troubling times it is more important than ever to reconnect with each other. One of the best things about BUF is that everyone is equal and connections and friendships are made between people who would never usual meet elsewhere.

Watch this Space!

The Head Space

We may have started life as an anti-food poverty campaign, but after five years of connecting with hundreds of amazing people we realised that the space itself can help in ways we never imagined possible when we set out on our journey. The Head Space at Bentley Urban farm is a new project which will help you reconnect with nature, reconnect with your innate creativity and reconnect with each other. Watch this (head) Space!

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.

Alice Walker

Bentley Urban Farm offers simple solutions to the anxieties and stresses of our complicated modern lives.

We’re a People, Planet and Future focused community project with an open door and open minds.

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