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BENTLEY URBAN FARM (BUF) is the world’s first upcycled market garden. Back in September 2016, the PermaFuture co-operative took over the run-down  Horticultural Training Centre behind St Peter’s Church on Bentley High Street.

buf now - SEED & SAV£ beds

With help from amazing groups like The Ridge Employability College, the Primary Learning CentreBentley Park and our incredible volunteers, we use a range of reclaimed materials (stuff other people would simply consider ‘waste’) to repair, improve and maintain the site.


Over time we have transformed it from an overgrown site in need of repair into a project capable of growing affordable, fresh, healthy local food while creating new opportunities for education, training, skill-sharing, employment and entrepreneurship for the people of Bentley, Doncaster, and beyond.

Abandoned 3


We are using a range of restorative farming techniques, such as permaculture and hydroponics, to show the full potential of Doncaster as a centre of excellence for ecologically friendly farming. Doncaster has one of the best micro-climates in the north of England and, according to the Soil Association, the most interesting and diverse soil map. We have all the resources we need to grow a range of specialist, high-quality crops across the borough.

Urban Worms-10

BUF is just the beginning. We want people to use the skills they develop at BUF to start their own urban farming projects in each of Doncaster’s many satellite towns — each specialising in crops suitable for their own particular region — to create a Doncaster Urban Farm Network. Get involved with BUF today and you could be running a farm of the future.


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Electric Daisies

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We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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