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The Covid-19 crisis has been devastating. Too many lives lost. Too many people suffering from anxiety, depression and loneliness due to the isolation of lock-down. But amidst the darkest clouds there is always a solver lining and this terrible crisis is no different. The silver lining for Doncaster has been the re-emergence of community self-help and mutual aid. We began looking out for each other, we worked more closely and more collaboratively for the benefit of all. We were reminded of the things which really matter in life — love, companionship, compassion, creativity, health.

After the first lock-down we realised that Bentley Urban Farm was perfectly placed to offer a safe, outdoor space where individuals and groups could come together. We invited artists, community groups, schools and educational projects to use the space while they could not use their usual indoor venues. Knowing how hard things were for everyone, we offered use of our spaces in return for a donation or a spot of weeding. The project proved very popular, so we’re currently working on expanding what we can offer individuals and community groups. We also found that many people just wanted to enjoy the calming, natural environment. So we are currently busy reinventing BUF as a space for education, well-being and the arts.

We will still be conducting our important food and ecology work, but this will take place in a unique environment which teaches and encourages people to work and play together for the benefit of all. BUF will become more open and more social (as social as Covid guidelines allow at any given time), and we;d like you to help shape how that looks. If you’re an artist, community group, educational practice or an individual with ideas which you think can benefit the community then please get in touch:


EMAIL: bentleyurbanfarm@gmail.com

PHONE/TEXT: 07846 439 982

Photography by Unbound Light

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We combine Permaculture and survivalist ethics and strategies to plan for a sustainable and self-sufficient future - both for individuals and communities.

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